One Aircraft System. Many Missions.


The flagship of the AERALIS family of aircraft is the A model bringing advanced flying training truly into alignment with the requirements of a 4th and 5th generation air force.

Turbofan powered with a swept wing, the AERALIS A aircraft delivers real-world military fast jet performance that will challenge any pilot to operate to the best of their ability.

The avionics suite is unrivalled by any training aircraft today and features fully synthetic functionality of critical mission systems that extracts maximum output from every sortie whilst enhancing reliability and reducing cost.

AERALIS A can be used alongside its sibling to create an immersive and challenging flying training experience with each aircraft complementing the other in an innovative and carefully designed modular training environment.

AERALIS A Features

  • synthetic RADAR
  • medium range missile simulation
  • short range missile (IR) simulation
  • synthetic radar warning receiver (RWR)
  • synthetic defensive aids suite and countermeasures system
  • synthetic surface to air missile (SAM) simulation
  • synthetic air threat simulation
  • enhanced electronic warfare training simulation
  • fully integrated synthetic targeting pod simulation
  • head-up (HUD) or helmet mounted display
  • enhanced lift-augmentation through manoeuvre flap/slats
  • glass cockpit
  • full autopilot