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AERALIS announces plans for a technology demonstrator

Having completed Phase 1 feasibility studies, AERALIS is pleased to announce that Phase 2 will begin development of a Technology Demonstrator of AERALIS’s Common Core Fuselage concept. The Common Core Fuselage acts as the cornerstone of the AERALIS modular design, allowing a range of different outer wings and engine modules to be attached to the same fuselage, reducing re-design and certification costs whilst maximising commonality of parts to reduce through-life service costs and increase aircraft reliability. The feature also enables faster upgrading and modification of the aircraft to cater for Urgent Operational Requirements (UORs) and support continuous improvement of the aircraft throughout its service life.

The Technology Demonstrator will consist of a full-scale, structurally representative Common Core fuselage, equipped with an Integrated Modular Avionics system, common cockpit displays and all-electric systems installation, accompanied by an end-to-end Ground-Based Training System demonstrator featuring a modular training syllabus, common cockpit simulators and a digital learning system. The demonstrator will be developed together with Cranfield Aerospace and supported by a number of UK aerospace companies, shortly to be announced. AERALIS plans to exhibit the demonstrator at the DSEI defence trade exhibition in September 2019.