One Aircraft System. Many Missions.


AERALIS B stands unique in military fast jet flying training as an affordable one aircraft solution for air forces looking to train pilots for 3rd or 4th generation combat types.

Its benign handling allows a student to progressively learn the skills of a front-line pilot whilst steadily challenged by an interchangeable avionics suite designed to maximise their education.

Powered by a single low-bypass turbofan engine, AERALIS B delivers performance well above that of a turbo-prop trainer but at the same low cost, getting the student used to fast jet aviation from the start of their training.

AERALIS B shares 85% commonality of parts with its A and X variants making through-life costs 30% cheaper than that of a competitor aircraft.

AERALIS B Features

  • HOTAS equipped
  • head-up display (HUD)
  • glass cockpit
  • full autopilot
  • digital moving map
  • stores management system
  • datalink (between AERALIS-family aircraft)
  • collision warning system
  • ground proximity warning system
  • RADAR altimeter
  • integrated AERALIS mission planning and de-briefing system
  • synthetic air-to-ground ‘no-drop’ bombing scoring system
  • designed for hardpoints for stores/fuel carriage