One Aircraft System. Many Missions.


AERALIS X is the future of innovative aircraft design. Using the fully-modular capabilities of the AERALIS philosophy it allows for a customer to create the best possible aircraft for their individual needs whilst benefitting from the significant cost reductions that the family of AERALIS aircraft provides.

Uses include flight readiness training or as a companion aircraft for customers with costly front-line platforms that require expensive training to be done in something other than the simulator. The aircraft uses a flexible avionics system architecture that is configurable to be representative of any front-line aircraft, providing a challenging yet affordable way of maintaining pilot currencies and experience through the downloading of critical mission elements.

AERALIS X can also be used to provide exceptional aerobatics display team aircraft at a fraction of the cost of those currently available. If high-end avionic systems are not required for the aerobatics team, they can be easily disabled through AERALIS’ unique ‘plug and play’ architecture saving significant costs to the end-user and allowing flexibility never previously seen in fast jet aviation. The aircraft is also an affordable ‘Red Air’ or adversary aircraft suitably placed to significantly enhance operational training for front-line aircrew.

AERALIS X can provide the user with a fully configurable aircraft that will allow for variations in wing types, engine numbers and avionic suites as a bespoke package whilst continuing to maintain the valued levels of affordability and performance expected from an AERALIS product.