A new generation of aircraft systems


  • AERALIS is working with major aerospace organisations to develop a Common Core Fuselage technology demonstrator. In addition to other contributors, these organisations include:
Common Core Fuselage
Cranfield Aerospace Solutions

Cranfield Aerospace Solutions Limited (CAeS) is the wholly owned commercial arm of Cranfield University.  A brand well known for rapid and effective provision of approved technical solutions for airborne systems.  Widely viewed as the country’s leading independent aircraft design and test organisation. CAeS has a well-established reputation and is trusted by the world’s best known defence and aerospace companies to design, build, test, modify, certify and fly airborne systems of all sizes.  CAeS also holds CAA/EASA and MOD approvals and certifications for the design and operation of test aircraft.  AERALIS and CAeS have partnered to develop the Common Core Fuselage technology demonstrator and the subsequent flying demonstrator.

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Thales is a world leader in the Aerospace, Transport and Defence & Security markets with over €15bn in annual sales. Thales UK has a long history of association with the UK Armed Forces including the provision of Unmanned Air Systems, Training & Simulation and Communications to the Royal Air Force, Royal Navy and British Army. AERALIS is working with Thales to develop an end-to-end training and simulation package along with the integration of Thales world leading avionics systems.

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ARA is an independent research and development organisation that have a long history of involvement in the UK’s most famous aircraft programmes going back more than 60 years. Recognised as one of the world leaders in aerodynamics, ARA has built a global customer base and now employs over 150 highly skilled engineers. ARA is working with AERALIS on aerodynamic analysis and critical design input.

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Stirling Dynamics

Now part of ASSYTEM Technologies, Stirling Dynamics are a technical services business with specialist knowledge of landing gear, flight controls and fuel systems. Bringing extensive experience of over 70 aircraft types including the Lockheed Martin F35 and a range of Bombardier and Airbus aircraft, Stirling Dynamics are assisting AERALIS with their landing gear and flight control design.

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Frazer Nash Consultancy

Frazer-Nash provides impartial and independent Systems Engineering and Technology services, supporting the UK MOD and many of the major Aerospace OEMs in the procurement, design and safe operation of safety critical Systems and Equipment.

Frazer-Nash is an authority in both Civil and Military Air Safety and Certification, and developed the European Military Aircraft Certification Criteria (EMACC) handbook, which provides the basis for mutual recognition of regulations between nation states.  The company provides ‘best practice’ advice to all the MOD Air Project Teams for the certification of air platforms and equipment upgrades.  It has provided safety support to programmes such as the UK Military Flying Training System, F-35 Lightning II, Military Helicopters, Unmanned Systems, Air Transport and Air ISTAR fleets.   Frazer-Nash is providing AERALIS certification support and advisory services.

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