Market Opportunity

The world’s airforces have a total of approximately 6,000 basic and advanced trainers; Aeralis is targeting 10% of this market with potential sales of 600 aircraft over 20 years.


By 2020, the Aeralis collaboration aims to deliver:

  • an initial, production-standard batch of both flying and ground-test aeroplanes
  • the initial batch as the advanced variant, followed by a second batch as the basic variant
  • an integrated air & ground training software system

Seeking Partners

To achieve the most competitive product, Aeralis is seeking to exploit cutting-edge yet proven technologies from a broad spectrum of industrial disciplines in addition to established technology leaders in aeronautical fields. We are therefore seeking partners from qualified aerostructures, avionics, portable display and training software suppliers, and additionally from non-conventional sectors such as Formula One, for detailed design and engineering development of multiple flying and ground-test production-standard aircraft.


Aeralis is seeking investment partners aligned with Aeralis’s objectives. We would be happy to discuss potential risk, return and levels of investment with those interested in helping shape Aeralis’s future. Please contact us at Aeralis via the Contact page.