AERALIS model aircraft goes through aerodynamic testing at Airbus facility in Filton

11 October 2022

An AERALIS sub-scale model was recently subject to rigorous aerodynamic testing at the Airbus facility in Filton.

The trial was to explore low-speed aerodynamic performance of the AERALIS aircraft, led by the Airbus team that carries out operational testing for both Airbus in-house programmes but also external clients using a state-of-the-art wind tunnel in Filton, Bristol. The wind tunnel team in Filton comprises a number of highly capable, experienced test leaders, who coordinate in-house tests to generate data for analysis by the expert AERALIS engineering team.

The tunnel itself has a working section of 3.05m (h) by 3.65m (w) by 8.5m (l), and is powered by a 2MW fan motor, giving speeds up to 97m/s (0.29 mach). It can be used for performance testing, handling qualities assessments and powered engine campaigns.

AERALIS’ CEO, Tristan Crawford and Rebecca Haynes (Head of Marketing and PR) were thrilled to visit the tunnel.

“It was great to have the AERALIS model going through realistic aerodynamic testing scenarios at the Airbus facility. We look forward to many more opportunities to work closely with Airbus in the near future.”

Tristan Crawford, AERALIS CEO