A new generation of aircraft systems


AERALIS was founded on a passion to re-energise the UK aircraft industry and to deliver market leading aircraft and exceptional military pilot training, affordably.

The AERALIS project aims to build innovative aircraft using a modular design that will motivate a new generation of young people to train in aerospace engineering, manufacturing and STEM subjects as well as follow careers in aviation.

The common architecture between AERALIS aircraft provides a customer’s flying training system with a tangible cost advantage in engine and airframe maintenance through training and spares commonality when compared to the current use of mixed aircraft fleets. The total lifecycle cost of maintaining and supporting the AERALIS Basic and Advanced training aircraft will be 30% less than that of a conventional flying training system.

AERALIS also aims to deliver shorter overall pilot training times due to commonality between aircraft types as well as exposing students earlier to more complex mission management training due to configurable cockpits and a fully tailorable flying training system.

AERALIS – not just an aircraft manufacturer but a total flying training experience.

AERALIS A – Advanced Trainer

Swept wing, advanced performance, full commonality with AERALIS family

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AERALIS B – Basic Trainer

Single-engine, straight wing, benign handling, full commonality with AERALIS family

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AERALIS X – Bespoke / Aerobatic Team Jet

Single or Twin-engine, optimised role designs, full commonality with AERALIS family

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