One Aircraft System. Many Missions.


Governments and military leaders worldwide are striving to keep their aircraft fleets relevant and modern, whilst facing challenging cost pressures and accelerating technology. With fleets made up of multiple bespoke aircraft types, scope for change and flexibility is limited. We believe that a different approach is needed. A new, more adaptable generation of aircraft.

One Aircraft System. Many Missions. 

The AERALIS family of aircraft are individually optimised for a range of roles allowing them to be used across varying mission types, yet they all are built on a common architecture. This means that across fleets there is commonality in training, spares and logistics which delivers force flexibility and critical cost savings.

Born out of our common, high-performance light jet design, our Basic and Advanced Jet Trainer variants provide outstanding aircraft performance whilst incorporating contemporary training systems and a digital avionics system to supply first-class training for modern fighter pilots.

Delivering a complete flying training system, the AERALIS variants share 85% parts commonality, delivering more than a 30% through-life cost saving compared to benchmark systems. Combining the A and B variants ensures our customers receive significantly shorter overall pilot training times as well as exposing students earlier to more complex mission management training through configurable cockpits and a fully tailorable flying training system.

AERALIS.  The future of military aviation.

AERALIS A – Advanced Trainer

Swept wing, advanced performance, full commonality with AERALIS family

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AERALIS B – Basic Trainer

Single-engine, straight wing, benign handling, full commonality with AERALIS family

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AERALIS X – Bespoke / Aerobatic Team Jet

Single or Twin-engine, optimised role designs, full commonality with AERALIS family

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