We’re pioneering a civil-certified, digitally designed, modular light jet aircraft system to deliver flexible, affordable, on-demand defence capability.


We’re pioneering a civil-certified, digitally designed, modular light jet aircraft system to deliver flexible, affordable, on-demand defence capability.


Babcock France is currently under contract with the French MOD to deliver both Advanced and Lead-in training assets, including aircraft and simulation. Babcock is also a lead partner in Ascent Flight Training, delivering flying training to pilots and aircrew to the three services of the UK armed forces.

Babcock France is partnering with AERALIS to explore the operation of flexible aircraft ‘as a service’ enabled by the design of AERALIS’s unique modular aircraft system.

Ascent Flight Training was appointed in 2008 to design and deliver a modern and efficient flying training system by the UK MOD. Created as a joint venture between Lockheed Martin UK and Babcock International, Ascent is responsible within the UK Military Flight Training System (UKMFTS) for the training design and training delivery that creates the next generation of aircrew.

AERALIS has a MoU with Ascent to work together on the flying training system of the future and explore potential collaboration opportunities for the delivery of military flying training in the UK and overseas.

AERALIS is partnering with Hamble Aerostructures, an Aernnova Group company, for integrated manufacturing design support of the Common Core Fuselage and canopy of AERALIS’s unique modular jet.

Martin-Baker is the acknowledged world’s leading manufacturer of ejection seats and crew escape systems. Martin-Baker is partnering with AERALIS to provide the crew escape system.

AERALIS is partnering with AirTanker to evaluate opportunities for an aircraft service offering the light fast jet defence market. The collaboration will assess upcoming contracts in military flying training and also defence operational training and combat air support roles, examining models with the capability to transform the full spectrum of fast jet pilot training, enhancing efficiency throughout the training pipeline and ensuring customers receive the scale and quality of aircrew required to operate tomorrow’s front line combat air systems.

AERALIS is partnering with AI-based aviation decision support software specialist Aerogility, to evaluation opportunities for an aircraft service offering in the light fast jet defence marketing to support training and operational support roles.

AERALIS is working in collaboration with Inzpire Limited to jointly develop an AERALIS aircraft service capability and technical offering in the context of the fast jet training and support market.

As part of the agreement, Inzpire and AERALIS will develop a common mission system architecture that supports a novel and unique service offering which will deliver an advanced operational training concept to meet the requirements of future aviation customers.

AERALIS is partnering with Japanese aircraft manufacturer, ShinMaywa, to establish best practice in the implementation of Digital Engineering processes for aircraft design and manfacturing. ShinMaywa has extensive aerostructures experience and is looking at the potential of introducing full Digital Engineering processes.

Siemens Digital Industries Software is AERALIS’s Digital Technology Partner, providing applications from its Xcelerator Portfolio, a comprehensive and integrated portfolio of software and services. Xcelerator is helping AERALIS to connect a range of product lifecycle business process to deliver AERSIDE.

AERALIS is working with Thales Training and Simulation on a modular approach to digital aircraft system design. The Augmented Reality (AR) concept leverages a modular approach to simulation elements that has the potential to become the core of the aircraft development environment.

AERALIS is partnering with Honeywell JV International Turbine Engine Company (ITEC) to develop powerplant solutions for AERALIS aircraft. We are working together to design and develop propulsion systems to meet the thrust and power requirements of the various AERALIS aircraft configurations and mission types.

SDTS has provided air service missions for operational training of the armed forces for many years. With more than 250 missions per year, SDTS has deployed its air assets and all its staff (pilots and aviation mechanics) for RED AIR missions, combined Air/Sea landing exercises, marine air defense controller training missions, and more to support the armed forces.

AERALIS partnering with SDTS to facilitate collaborative working to explore an aircraft service offering in the light fast jet defence market, targeting upcoming contracts in French defence operational training and combat air support roles.

It also seeks to explore the opportunities across the French market for ‘air support service’ hours, identifying the requirement gap in quantifiable terms.