MOD soon to acquire modular defence system

11 April 2024

The MOD is set to receive a total of 623 units initially in four different configurations covering 11 different tactical roles. The modularity of the platform means it has the ability to be rapidly reconfigured and upgraded throughout its life, adapting to future roles and changing demands, without compromising its performance.

The first batch will be built in Germany, with future production moving to Britain. An extensive sovereign supply chain of sub-contracted partners is in place and continues to grow.

Britain is already exploring export potential and has offered the system to Qatar. But as Lt. Col. Hugh O’Neil Roe of the MOD told Breaking Defence in March: “We’re not just offering the platform. We’re offering partnership in training, doctrine development, collective training and all other aspects used to bring a vehicle into service.”

Roe went on to explain that a partnership with Qatar could involve sharing data lessons and accelerating the entry and service of a platform.

At Doha’s DIMDEX show in March, one of the two versions on display was seen fitted with a passive radio frequency sensor, enabling it to pinpoint UAVs to be engaged with its primary weaponry, demonstrating how the platform can easily be modified to suit sovereign customer requirements.

If you haven’t guessed already, we’re talking about Boxer; the UK’s impressive new 8×8 Mechanised Infantry Vehicle (MIV). We could just as easily be talking about AERALIS though – a modular, adaptable, evolvable platform delivering to multiple military needs now and into the future, in one system; a proposition that would deliver huge benefit to the UK supply chain, and open doors to stronger development partnerships and export markets around the world.

The Boxer programme further validates the AERALIS proposition in several  ways and demonstrates how procurement of modular vehicle systems can be achieved.

Of course, AERALIS offers an alternative in our AERFLEX air force on-demand commercial solution. You can find out more about that on our website.