The future of flexible aircraft solutions

AERFLEX® is the transformational defence light air support service that maximises the myriad strategic, tactical, logistic and financial benefits of using AERSYSTEM™ to deliver fleets of reconfigurable aircraft.


Offload asset risk

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AERFLEX® – capability on-demand

AERFLEX® radically shifts the relationship between an air force and its capability, giving air force operators on-demand support for roles from training to operational support. Let’s see how that would work in reality:

Training capability on-demand expand

Imagine a flying training school housing a baseline ‘fleet’ of AERCORE™ CCFs [1]. The AERFLEX® partner fulfils the needs of the training programme by shipping modules to site (by road [2] or air [3]) and configuring the CCFs as required. Modules removed from the aircraft from prior configurations can be taken for pre-emptive maintenance on- or off-site or stored in hub-and-spoke networks of facilities, ensuring consistent fleet readiness and redundancy.

Seamless flex to Operational Support expand

Then, say, the air force is tasked with front line operations [6] and requires additional support capabilities, such as tactical tanking or ISTAR cover. The AERFLEX® partner can fly in additional CCFs, pre-configured aircraft [7], or pull CCFs from elsewhere in the air force such as the training fleet – or its allies’ [5] – to provision the surge in operational demand.

A transformed (customer) experience for air forces expand

For the air force, the difference between life as an AERFLEX® customer, and as an operator of its own fleet of single point aircraft is stark. Capability has been delivered on-demand, in accordance with need rather than fixed burden, with no additional procurement required.

Tactical decisions are based on need rather than what is available. And logistics alone become the drivers in achieving massively flexible light aviation capability.

Persistent digital thread expand

Throughout, the digital thread remains, delivering vitally important insights to aircraft and aircrew performance.

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