An AERALIS Advanced Jet Trainer flies in close formation with its digital twin, over the Welsh countryside

AERALIS continue to develop partnership with Thales in the UK

18 October 2022

AERALIS are working with Thales Training and Simulation (TTS) on a modular approach to digital aircraft system design. The Augmented Reality (AR) concept leverages a modular approach to simulation elements that has the potential to become the core of the aircraft development environment.

AERALIS’s aircraft system will be fully compatible with tomorrow’s innovative training solutions to customers across all aspects of flying and operational training, using a fully digital version of the aircraft’s systems upon which simulators and synthetic training devices of the future can be developed.

The approach is modular in nature whereby any of the modelled systems can be replaced by or connected to their physical hardware counterpart or by an alternative system model from a different supplier. Furthermore, these elements can be discretely composed to support a variety of development rigs from lower fidelity Mixed Reality systems to high fidelity aircraft development & training devices, as the project progresses. This modular digital system architecture provides flexibility for future synthetic versions of the aircraft.

The approach will also form the basis of a generation of platform-level synthetic test evidence for Digital Certification, with a pathway to Digital Initial Operating Capability.

Commenting on the partnership AERALIS CEO Tristan Crawford said:

“AERALIS are delighted to be collaborating closely with Thales on such a crucial component of our modular jet. The digital system design expertise that Thales are producing will enable simulator companies to use the AERALIS modelled system across the next generation of synthetic training systems, all as part of AERALIS delivering the Future of Airforce Fleets.”