WDS Overview

16 February 2024

Tristan Dale, AERALIS’s Head of Integrated Campaign, reports on a successful showing at WDS in Saudi Arabia last week:

“The World Defense Show certainly lived up to its name – a remarkable showcase of international defence cooperation, featuring a truly global mix of companies and militaries, and a rich diversity of sovereign capabilities., WDS made for a positive experience, enabling meaningful interactions with new organisations and individuals outside of UK/European networks.

“AERALIS was a main feature of the Barzan Holdings complex, and our display of scale modular aircraft drew significant attention. The flexibility of the combination of our Core Fuselage design, coupled with Digital Enterprise and Open System Avionics (AERSYSTEM™) and our on-demand Flexible Aircraft As A Service (AERFLEX™) business model resonated well with audiences who clearly shared concerns about the affordability of essential future air force capabilities. Interestingly, questions focused on the degree to which customers could tailor and modify the AERALIS system – to their preference of sovereign mission systems and engines for instance. The way in which our digital design and open system avionics can accommodate such flexibility very much impressed.

“Once visitors understood the AERALIS concept, I was surprised at the sense of relief I could perceive in them; that future defence aviation could and can be affordable, capable and flexible. It made them impatient for our first flight!”