The image shows Gold Beach in Normandy at sunset - main landing site of the British forces on D-Day. Overlaid to the centre of the image are the words 'Forever grateful', with the dates 1944 - 2024 below. In the lower part of the image is the AERALIS logo in white.

Forever Grateful

6 June 2024

On this day of reflection, commemoration, thanks and celebration, our thoughts at AERALIS are with those many young men who gave their lives and their futures in the pursuit of the most acutely important of objectives.

As designers, engineers and scientists, we also give thanks for the thousands of experts who enabled and supported the invasion force with essential innovations including the Mulberry Harbours, Lord Kelvin’s tide-prediction machine, Hais’ and Hamel’s Operation PLUTO pipeline technology, Horsa gliders, landing craft, Hobart’s ‘Funnies’ and the myriad cunning decoys (including inflatable tanks, parachuting dummies and canvas ships) deployed across the south east.

We will be forever grateful.