A brace of Tristans attend Eurosatory

24 June 2024

AERALIS’s Tristans, Crawford and Dale, were in Paris this week for the 2024 Eurosatory show, a global exhibition and conference for the defence and security sectors.

Now in its 55th year, the show defines its purpose as: “Inventing responsible Defence and Security for the world of tomorrow”. That balance is perhaps more nuanced and complex than ever before, with the ever-present rollercoaster of geopolitical relations now considered alongside, and in context with, increasingly pressing climate challenges.

Tristan Dale, AERALIS’s Head of Integrated Campaign, commented: “There was a clear consensus across this year’s show; Europe must bolster its collaborative efforts to tackle the rapidly evolving defence landscape. Companies and nations are increasingly aligning their policies and innovation strategies to build resilience and enhance warfighting capability.

“The need for enterprise-level collaboration and military interoperability were predominant themes. Nations are focusing on seamlessly integrating their military capabilities, while companies like AERALIS are fostering partnerships to innovate and deliver efficient, sustainable solutions.”

Of course, these challenges are not news; AERALIS was founded to address these very same needs six years ago, with an emphasis on digital engineering and open systems modularity from the start to ensure an adaptable and cost-effective capability for future air forces, while opening ways for them to reduce environmental impact as well. As Dale continued: “As defence budgets rise, meeting these challenges requires fresh commercial approaches and the forging of strong, dynamic – and courageous – alliances. Eurosatory was an important opportunity for us to engage with partners and demonstrate our commitment to a resilient and innovative European defence sector.”